Credit Card Processing

Do the Math – It’s Genius!



Genius is an integrated solution that is not only ready for EMV now but has a novel-full of other features.

Hosted by Cayan, the top feature is a meet/beat guarantee on your current rates. 

Other super time and money saving points are:
    • Real Dollars:   A meet/beat guarantee on rates (Yes we already said that – just wanted to make sure you got that!)

    • Debit Cards: Take advantage of even more savings with the Genius proprietary pin steering. Do you know when it is more cost effective to run a debit card with a PIN or as a credit card?  Genius does and it will save you money with proprietary intelligent PIN steering technology.

    • Batch/Recurring processing at a Preferred Rate:  Since Genius uses a token system to retrieve the original swiped information, every batch payment (for monthly mailbox payments for ex-ample) is rated as a swiped transaction

    • Integrated Solution: Eliminates dual entry into the POS

    • Backups in place: You have 2 additional ways to process cards (even if a sticky mocha lands on the terminal), including another path integrated in the POS

    • ApplePay: We have so much fun with this feature, who knew checkout would ever be this easy?

    • Reporting: Superior easy to read transaction & batch reporting

    • Advertising and Branding: Place your store’s logo or branding on the Genius screen.

    • No middleware software: No more software upgrade costs to stay compliant or to receive new features.  No middle company to deal with if there is an issue.

    • Always PCI compliant: This is a huge one. Genius receives automatic updates so that you are always on the latest version and compliant


To find out more or to sign up, give us a ring at 800-205-0650 (or email