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Space a problem?  Check out Dell's Optiplex  Micro PC. It's smaller than an iPad™. We provide 5 USB ports to handle all your USB peripherals. This is no slouch, the specs are similar to our Premium Dell Optiplex PC. 

We install PostalMate*, drivers for all your hardware, current Windows updates, and a lot more.  Our price includes remote login to install the computer, connect the peripherals, and network with other PostalMate computers.

  • 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-13500T (6+8 Cores/24MB/20T/1.6GHz to 4.6GHz/35W)
  • Windows 11 PRO English
  • 16GB 1X8GB 2666MHz DDR4 Non-ECC
  • 256 GB SSD Hard Drive
  • Two Display ports allow you to use PostalMate's Twinview feature
  • Micro size measuring just 1.4"H x 7"W x 7"D  Yeah it is that small!
  • RJ45 Network Port
  • 6 Factory installed USB Ports 
  • Windows USB Keyboard, and Optical USB Scroll Mouse
  • 3 Year Dell Pro Support, Next Day On-Site Service Warranty
  • Requires DP or HDMI Cable--NOT INCLUDED
  • Price includes OLSON & IVES award winning technical support service.

*purchase PostalMate from PC Synergy, 800-485-6901

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